In 2005, two regular guys with a thirst for authenticity quit their jobs to follow their dream: to bring better beverages to juice fans everywhere. That’s how Kiju was born.

Today, nothing has changed. We continue to focus on good taste, the most important thing to us. We use organic fruits to create our delicious fruit drinks, at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy their benefits.

Sometimes, when your values are right, life smiles at you. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, though …. we really don’t. Like so many Canadians, we just believe more than ever that every little bit counts and that simply making the organic choice has a huge impact on our health, on our planet and its future. We remain convinced that organic farming — good to the environment on a global scale — also makes life that much better on a human scale. For everyone. At any age.

From 2005 to now, from the land to your table, Kiju Organic has remained true to its convictions: taste, simplicity, quality, transparency. And you have our promise that we’ll never change.