In the end, organic products respect what is called the “precautionary principle in health”. A term that means that organic farmers, breeders and brands work hard every day to reduce or eliminate risks to our health and that of the people we love.

Reassuring, don’t you agree?

How to tell if it’s organic

It’s easy. All organic products must display the logo of an accredited certification right on the packaging. That’s your guarantee that their ingredients meet organic standards from the land to your favourite grocery shop. Canada has several organic certifications, including QAI (for Quality Assurance International), which Kiju has earned for its everyday organic commitment.


Organic, for the taste of life

You probably don’t need scientific studies to tell you what you already know: Enjoying life to the fullest starts with choosing good food that makes you want to eat well. That’s why Kiju uses 100% organic fruit to make its delicious juices that refresh the senses and keep you active all day.


Organic, healthy for the planet

Like more and more Canadians, you probably don’t like the idea of polluting chemicals getting into our soil and drinking water. Choosing to go organic means encouraging green agriculture that makes sense in every way:

  • It applies nature-friendly farming practices, such as crop rotation.
  • It preserves soil fertility so that the land can be cultivated for years to come.
  • It protects our ecosystems and their diversity, so essential to the birds and bees among others.

At Kiju, we’ve also chosen to sell our juices in recyclable cardboard packaging with a paper straw. We’re actually the first Canadian brand that added a paper straw to juice boxes, because we care as much about the environment as you do.