How to tell if a product is organic

It’s simple. All organic products must be labelled organic right on the packaging and display a recognized certification logo.

To be organic, a food must be grown without pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified ingredients. In Quebec and Canada, organic certifications are accredited.

For its part, Kiju has received the international QAI (for Quality Assurance International) certification for its everyday organic commitment.

Organic certification is serious business!

Organic farmers, breeders and brands have to work hard to get certified. Did you know, for example, that inspectors make annual visits — and even “surprise” ones! — at the farm or factory to check  absolutely everything from top to bottom, including:

  • the seeds and raw materials used,
  • the (natural!) fertilizers used to feed the fields,
  • the origin of the ingredients transformed in the factory,
  • the equipment from the land to the processing, etc.

Do you care about traceability?

So do we. That’s why Kiju Organic juices come with a traceability guarantee. Organic farming champions traceability from land to grocery, and all the way to your dinner table. After putting so much effort and pride into making organic food, it wouldn’t make sense to just send our products into the universe without a care, don’t you think?