6 High-Energy Snacks for Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get in outdoor exercise. It’s fun and good for your health—and even good for your mental health. But hiking takes a lot of work and, subsequently, burns a lot of calories. You’re carrying bags, climbing hills and navigating terrain, which depletes your energy levels much faster than you think. That’s why it’s essential to bring high-energy snacks when you hike!

Here are six high-energy snacks to help you power through nature’s obstacles!

Hiking Nuts

Hiking Snack 1: Pre-portioned Trail Mix

Trail mix is popular for hikers due to its numerous nutritional benefits.

Firstly, it provides a compact and lightweight source of energy, combining a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. These components offer a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins to sustain energy levels during prolonged physical activity.

Additionally, trail mix is convenient, non-perishable, and requires no preparation, making it an ideal snack for outdoor adventures. Its combination of flavours and textures also adds enjoyment to the hiking experience.

Hiking Snack 2: Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is another easy and simple snack for a hike due to its nutritional properties and convenience. Firstly, it is a high-protein food that provides sustained energy and helps keep you feeling full for extended periods. It aids in muscle repair post-exercise and prevents fatigue by reducing muscle cramps.

It also contains many essential nutrients like iron, zinc and B12 that help to boost your immune system while hiking in the wilderness.

Hiking Snack 3: Stuffed Dates with Cheese

Dates are nature’s candy and make for an excellent snack for a hike due to their convenient portability, energy-boosting combination, and nutritional value.

The natural sugars in dates provide a quick energy source, while the cheese adds a satisfying dose of protein and fats, promoting sustained energy levels during the hike. Additionally, their compact and non-perishable nature makes them easy to carry and enjoy on the go, making them a practical and tasty option for outdoor adventures.

Hiking Snack 4: Organic Juice Boxes

Organic juice boxes are a good snack for a hike for several reasons. Firstly, they provide a convenient and portable source of hydration, helping to keep hikers refreshed and energized on the trail. Organic juices are also no artificial additives and pesticides added, promoting the perfect snack option for everyone. Lastly, the quick-absorbing sugars in the juice can provide a rapid boost of energy during the hike, aiding in maintaining stamina and preventing fatigue.

Kiju offers 100% juice or 60% less sugar organic juice boxes, no artificial colours, flavours and are a good source of both Vitamin C and potassium.

The 200ml tetra packs are easy to pack and bring with you on the go.

Hiking OrangeMango Juice

Hiking Snack 5: Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a good snack for a hike due to its high cocoa content, which provides sustained energy and helps combat fatigue. It contains natural antioxidants supporting cardiovascular health and reducing inflammation during physical activity. Additionally, its compact and portable form makes it convenient to carry and enjoy on the go.

Hiking Snack 6: Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are a good snack for a hike because they are lightweight, portable, and energy-rich. They provide a quick source of carbohydrates, which can boost energy levels during physical activity. Additionally, their low-fat content makes them easy to digest, reducing the risk of discomfort while hiking.

The power of proper fuel

From protein bars to dark chocolate to organic juice, these portable and nutritious treats provide a much-needed energy boost to keep you going on the trails.

By incorporating these snacks into your hiking routine, you satisfy your hunger and replenish your body with essential nutrients.

So, as you pack your backpack and prepare for your next hiking adventure, remember these energising snacks. Embrace the beauty of nature and appreciate every step, knowing that you are well-nourished and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way. Happy hiking!

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