Kiju 60% less sugar… 100% delicious!

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Kiju Organic launches its new 60% less sugar juice blend in 1L and 200 mL formats, all offered in two exciting flavours: Pineapple-Mango and Strawberry-Watermelon.

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Made for the whole family, Kiju thirst-quenching juice beverages combine organic juices and purees with filtered water. As a result, they contain less sugar and calories than the leadin regular fruit juices to help you hydrate without compromise. The advantages and benefits don’t stop there:

  • They are organic.
  • They are free from artificial sweeteners.
  • They contain no artificial flavours or colors.
  • They have only 8g of sugar per 200ml serving.

The sugar in these new blends comes from the natural sugars in the fruit itself.

Kiju 60 % less sugar*, a smart choice to hydrate when we want more than water.

As you already know, more and more of us are choosing to go organic for many good reasons. Like all Kiju products, these new thirst quenchers are made from organic fruit that is grown, pressed and packaged to the highest standards. As they refresh the senses and keep you active throughout the day, they are sure to become a weekday and weekend favourite, whether it’s for the lunchbox, for our nature hikes or a simple picnic in the park. Perfect for all occasion!

Kiju is simply delicious all year round.

*Than the leading regular fruit juices